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Our client, who specialise in obstetrics and gynaecology are looking for a PA to Consultant Obstetrician to join their team

The successful candidate will be an expert private PA with proven experience in private obstetrics and gynaecology.

Personal Attributes Profile

A team player who is willing to embrace, support and implement the directors’ vision for a the creation of a world-class private medical practice with world-class patient experience.

A forward thinker who is one step ahead by knowing the Consultant`s daily schedule and movements inside out, understanding her way of thinking and method of working, anticipating her needs, and deciding when is appropriate to contact her and what information to pass on to her or questions to ask her at any given time.

We are seeking an individual who will;

  • Respect the confidentiality of the business, patients and colleagues
  • Respect senior and junior colleagues, patients and hospital staff
  • Respect patients and their families
  • Provide outstanding time management
  • Remain unflustered in the face of the ebb and flow of surge workloads
  • Prove positive and demonstrable people skills
  • Prefer office working to home working
  • Be comfortable with change and business growth
  • Be self-motivated.

We are seeking an individual who offers:

  • Ability to occasionally work longer hours and out-of-hours dependent on patient and consultant requirements.
  • The self-discipline and resilience to maintain concentration and focus throughout the day.
  • The ability to listen carefully, keep accurate records of conversations and instructions, and relay information correctly at the appropriate time.
  • The experience to suggest ongoing improvements to build a modern, dynamic patient-focussed private practice.
  • Ability to work with speed and precision whilst maintaining precision focus, in order to ensure that all daily tasks are completed.
  • Excellent tact, diplomacy and listening skills on the phone and in person with fellow office staff and the Consultant, Consultant colleagues and their secretarial staff, patients and their GPs, administrators and nursing staff, private medical insurance companies and embassies, and essential services including laboratories, scanning facilities and technology support.
  • The ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in a very small, close-knit team of 4-5 people, requiring each individual to maximise their individual contributions and talents. The sum of our parts is greater than the whole.
  • The ability to be calm, confident and decisive under pressure.
  • Provide excellent customer service, including being polite and understanding, patient but firm when necessary, setting realistic patient expectations, and getting back to people as agreed with the information requested.


Skills Profile

We are seeking an individual with proven people skills and top-grade secretarial skills including:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Verbal clarity
  • Computing and software,
  • Fast and accurate typing & dictation
  • Efficient use of the internet
  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Office, email, social media, scanning, practice management software
  • Experience of the DGL/Meddbase medical database system

Task Profile

  • Diary management
  • Note prep
  • Clinic prep
  • Clinic management
  • Appointment management
  • Patient liaison
  • Patient note management
  • Record keeping
  • File management
  • DGL Practice Manager input & record keeping
  • GP letters
  • Prescriptions
  • Referral letters
  • Following up on website enquiries
  • Following up on email enquiries
  • Following up on telephone enquiries
  • Booking patient appointments
  • Booking hospital dates
  • Booking midwifery meetings
  • Managing patient enquiries and expectations
  • Recording and filing test results
  • Notifying patients of test results
  • Patient letters
  • Preparing and submitting invoices to insurance companies
  • Chasing payment
  • Recharging test fees
  • Aged debt management
  • Hospital Outpatient Liaison
  • Laboratory Liaison
  • Submitting tests
  • Chasing test results

In addition

  • Maintain confidentiality of information according to GDPR.
  • Demonstrate the highest level of empathy and attentiveness in dealing with all patients and be the main point of contact in the provision of non-clinical support.
  • Manage the bookings and waiting lists between clinics and other medical facilities, complying with the booking procedures of each and ensuring all parties involved are kept fully informed of the relevant details.
  • Register and constantly update patient details accurately on DGL, maintain patient paper files, and manage the computer filing system.
  • Handle patient and insurance invoice queries, remind patients of outstanding balances, process credit card payments over the phone, and inform the practice Director of any difficulties in obtaining settlement.
  • Respond appropriately to all telephone calls received during office hours, and ensure messages are left for out-of-hours callers so patients know who to contact in emergencies.
  • Ensure all phone messages and emails are responded to promptly and inform Consultant of any patient dissatisfaction.
  • Ensure all Consultant`s correspondence has been approved by her prior to dispatch.
  • Constantly evaluate what information is appropriate to be passed on to the Consultant at any given time, taking into account the urgency of the issue, schedule and the time at her disposal.
  • Ensure all messages from patients and colleagues are passed on in a timely manner.
  • Keep in touch with reception staff and nurses during clinics to find out if Consultant is on time, thereby anticipating her needs, for example placating patients who are waiting to see her if she is running late or discussing any urgent issues with her between patients.
  • Assume responsibility for the running of the office if the other medical secretary is sick, on Annual Leave or absent for any other reason, assisting any temporary staff as required.

Salary £50k +, plus 25 days holiday, NEST Pension, Performance Related Bonus (Monthly).

Full time

Location: Two leading private hospitals in Central London

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